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Dental Implant Treatment - Birmingham

Our approach to dental implants reflects our overall practice philosophy to provide the highest standards of treatment and patient care at all times for the benefit of you, our patients. Both Dr Colin Pocock and Dr Hannah Clark and Dr Berry Attwell have undergone a thorough postgraduate training course with the Straumann institute to become competent in placing and restoring dental implants.

Gap in your confidence?

Dental implants form a fundamental part of modern dental treatment options and are the most effective solution to a gap in your smile. Implants are a permanent fixture in your mouth which are restored with the most natural looking tooth-coloured crown which is tailor-made by our dental technicians to blend with your smile.

To help you with the explanation of dental implants as a treatment option, please arrange a chat with one of our skilled patient care team, email your questions to or contact the practice by calling 0121 633 9535 and we will be happy to make you feel more informed.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Implants provide a permanent solution for single gaps or many missing teeth.
  • They support the position of your natural teeth, crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • Allow you to speak naturally and chew efficidently and comfortably.
  • Closing a gap in your smile gives you back the confidence to feel young, alive and able to smile.

Call our Birmingham dental practice on 0121 633 9535 or email to discuss your treatment options.