The Dentist at Liberty Place

Customer Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure being your customer over these years. You have provided an excellent service with high quality. It will be hard to find something similar now in Sweden”
GS Sweden
“I have recently started orthodontic work at the practice and I am so happy with the staff approach and the professional attitude. Feel safe in their hands”
NH Coventry
“What a pleasant visit, many thanks to you all”
LT Birmingham
“Thank you so much for putting the smile back on my face-literally. Your kindness, humour and professionalism made the whole experience bearable, best wishes”
VB Birmingham
“Thank you for always providing a WOW experience and thank you for creating a memory with so much laughter, smiles and rainbows”
NM Birmingham
“Thank you for my plate the fit is second to none”
VM Birmingham
“was really nice of you and unexpected. It is a pleasure in recommending you. I have been so pleased with what you have done for me it is only fair I spread the word of your friendly high quality service. I don't think that is a given at every dentist practice. But it is with the dentist at liberty place.”
J B, Birmingham